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Rep. O’Brien reintroduces bill that terminates parental rights of rapists 1/29/2020Rep. William O'Brien; YesApproved
Media Advisory: Hearing tomorrow on harm reduction centers1/29/2020Sen. Joshua Miller; NoApproved
Bill would snip onerous licensing fees, requirements at salons1/29/2020Rep. Jason Knight; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Education Committee to consider appointments to URI Board of Trustees1/29/2020Sen. Hanna Gallo; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Judiciary Committee meets on Thursday to hear testimony on a variety of legislation1/29/2020Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Labor Committee to hear minimum wage bill today1/29/2020Sen. Frank Ciccone; NoApproved
Senate task force to study educational funding formula releases findings and recommendations1/28/2020Sen. Ryan Pearson; NoApproved
Media Advisory: Campaign to kick off in support of bill by Sen. Murray, Rep. Morin to raise RI Works benefits  1/28/2020Sen. Melissa A. Murray; Rep. Michael Morin; NoApproved
Bill on compassion center expansion to be amended1/27/2020Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; YesApproved
Rep. Vella-Wilkinson bill would require witnesses to take oath before testifying before General Assembly1/27/2020Rep. Camille F.J. Vella-Wilkinson; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Special legislative task force to study Rhode Island’s Education Funding Formula to meet to finalize report1/27/2020Sen. Ryan Pearson; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate to vote on 3-D, ghost gun ban tomorrow1/27/2020Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee to hear testimony on Plastic Waste Reduction Act1/27/2020Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski; NoApproved
Donovan bill would ban intentional release of balloons 1/27/2020Rep. Susan R. Donovan; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee meets twice this week to vote on medical marijuana and gun bills and to hear testimony on a variety of legislation1/27/2020Rep. Robert Craven; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: House Finance Committee meets on Tuesday to hear motion picture tax credit bill1/27/2020Rep. Marvin Abney; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: House Health, Education and Welfare Committee to hear bills on the funding of school field trips  1/27/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara; NoApproved
Kislak: Environmental action needed at every level1/23/2020Rep. Rebecca M. Kislak; NoApproved
Rep. Canario is ‘severely disappointed’ in governor’s budget proposal; cites numerous tax and fee increases1/23/2020Rep. Dennis Canario; NoApproved
Paolino advocates for common sense spending fixes   1/22/2020Sen. Thomas J. Paolino; NoApproved
Senator Morgan fights to restore regional school district aid1/16/2020Sen. Elaine J.  Morgan; NoApproved
Rep. McNamara introduces legislation that would establish a drug affordability board1/23/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara; NoApproved
Commemorating Roe v. Wade and closing the gaps on access to abortion  1/22/2020Rep. Liana M. Cassar; Sen. Bridget G. Valverde; YesApproved
Assault weapon, high-capacity magazine bans introduced1/22/2020Sen. Gayle Goldin; Sen. Joshua Miller; Rep. Justine A. Caldwell; YesApproved
Representative Jack Lyle, Jr. Chosen as NCEL’s Rhode Island State Lead  1/22/2020Rep. John W.  Lyle, Jr.; NoApproved
House Health, Education and Welfare Committee to hear presentation on P-TECH learning initiative1/21/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara; NoApproved
Media Advisory: Valverde, Cassar to announce bill on abortion access for Medicaid enrollees, state employees1/21/2020Rep. Liana M. Cassar; Sen. Bridget G. Valverde; NoApproved
Media Advisory: Commission studying vicious dog hearing process to meet1/21/2020Sen. Dawn Euer; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee meets Wednesday to hear three bills relating to firearms1/21/2020Rep. Robert Craven; NoApproved
Ruggiero seeks more vigorous effort to expand broadband1/21/2020Rep. Deborah Ruggiero; NoApproved
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