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Goodwin, Ranglin-Vassell to introduce ‘red flag’ bill to prevent firearms tragedies2/23/2018Sen. Maryellen Goodwin; Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell; NoApproved
‘Red Flag’ bill would allow courts to disarm those who show warning signs of potential violence2/23/2018Rep. Dennis Canario; Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; YesApproved
Legislators to sign onto assault weapon ban bill Tuesday2/22/2018Sen. Joshua Miller; Rep. Jason Knight; NoApproved
Sen. Sheehan, Rep. Craven introduce legislation to ban bump stocks, binary triggers and trigger cranks2/22/2018Sen. James Sheehan; Rep. Robert Craven; NoApproved
Rep. O’Brien supports Rep. Amore’s legislation to add more school resource officers and security upgrades in schools2/22/2018Rep. William O'Brien; NoApproved
Statement from President Ruggerio on Resignation of Sen. Kettle  2/22/2018Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; NoApproved
Leader Morgan Receives Friend of Government Accountability Award2/22/2018Rep. Patricia Morgan; NoApproved
Rep. Nardolillo Calls for Greater School Security Funds Safety Improvements with Smoking Tax2/21/2018Rep. Robert A. Nardolillo; NoApproved
Rep. Nardolillo calls for increase in counseling for students2/21/2018Rep. Robert A. Nardolillo; NoApproved
Resolution of expulsion filed in Senate2/21/2018Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Sen. Dennis Algiere; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Rep. Diaz to host celebration of 174 years of Dominican Republic independence, heritage2/21/2018Rep. Grace Diaz; NoApproved
Rep. Filippi Calls for Better Public Record Keeping2/20/2018Rep. Blake Anthony Filippi; NoApproved
Corvese bill would end double-taxation on state tax refunds  2/20/2018Rep. Arthur Corvese; NoApproved
Rep. Amore to introduce bills addressing school resource officers and security upgrades2/20/2018Rep. Gregg Amore; YesApproved
Minority Leader Algiere statement on Sen. Kettle2/19/2018Sen. Dennis Algiere; NoApproved
Rep. McNamara bill would permit medical consent to minors for prenatal, delivery and postnatal care2/19/2018Rep. Joseph McNamara; NoApproved
Donovan, Ruggiero call for passage of Equal Pay Act2/19/2018Rep. Susan R. Donovan; Rep. Deborah Ruggiero; NoApproved
President Ruggerio statement on Senator Nicholas Kettle2/19/2018Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; NoApproved
President Ruggerio statement on Senator Nicholas Kettle  2/16/2018Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; NoApproved
Tanzi introduces bill creating panel to study workplace sexual harassment2/16/2018Rep. Teresa Tanzi; NoApproved
Committee hears Rep. Ackerman legislation that would prohibit minors from using indoor tanning beds2/16/2018Rep. Mia Ackerman; NoApproved
Goldin bill would ban high-capacity magazines2/15/2018Sen. Gayle Goldin; Sen. Maryellen Goodwin; Sen. Joshua Miller; Sen. Cynthia A. Coyne; Sen. Dawn Euer; NoApproved
Rep. Lancia Raises Alarm Over 9112/14/2018Rep. Robert B. Lancia; NoApproved
Rep. McLaughlin announces RIDOT plans to repair, resurface 35.8 miles of roads in Cumberland2/15/2018Rep. James McLaughlin; NoApproved
RIAC seeks legislation to rename T.F. Green Airport2/14/2018Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; Sen. Michael McCaffrey; YesApproved
Rep. Regunberg introduces legislation for electric utility accountability 2/14/2018Rep. J. Aaron Regunberg; NoApproved
McNamara bill would require driver’s education to teach rights, responsibilities of drivers during traffic stops2/14/2018Rep. Joseph McNamara; NoApproved
Sen. Pearson, Rep. Marshall legislation would establish tax credit for charitable contributions to state coffers 2/13/2018Sen. Ryan Pearson; Rep. Kenneth Marshall; NoApproved
Sen. Sheehan announces DEM grant for Gilbert Stuart green space in North Kingstown2/13/2018Sen. James Sheehan; NoApproved
Speaker Mattiello introduces bill allowing patients to opt for a non-opiate directive with health care providers2/13/2018Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; NoApproved
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