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01/15/2021Sen. Ana B. Quezada; Sen. Quezada introduces legislation that would gradually increase minimum wage to $15 by 2024
01/15/2021Rep. Raymond Hull; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission’s annual celebration to be broadcast on Capitol TV Monday night at 7 p.m.
01/15/2021Sen. Louis DiPalma; MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Rules, Government Ethics and Oversight Committee meets Wednesday to examine the Health Services Council and the Hospital Conversion Act
01/15/2021Sen. Sandra Cano; Rep. Karen Alzate; Rep. Leonela Felix; Sen. Cano, Rep. Alzate and Rep. Felix announce MLK Day virtual event of appreciation for Pawtucket
01/15/2021Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Auditor General provides update on state’s federally funded Covid-19 expenditures in Fiscal 2020
01/14/2021Rep. Anastasia Williams; Rep. Williams calls for Gov. Raimondo to use executive order granting driving licenses for undocumented residents
01/14/2021Sen. Joshua Miller; Sen. Miller to chair Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Democratic Policy Caucus
01/13/2021Sen. Frank Ciccone; Sen. Ciccone reappointed as chair of Senate Labor Committee
01/13/2021Sen. Frank Lombardo, III; Sen. Lombardo reappointed as chair of Senate Housing and Municipal Government Committee
01/13/2021Sen. Walter Felag; Sen. Felag reappointed as chair of Senate Special Legislation & Veterans’ Affairs Committee
01/13/2021Rep. Gregg Amore; Rep. Amore supports East Providence School Department and Committee’s push to include teachers and support staff in Phase One COVID-19 vaccination plan
01/13/2021Sen. Joshua Miller; Media Advisory: Senate Health and Human Services Committee to hear insurance bills
01/13/2021Sen. Michael McCaffrey; Rep. Katherine Kazarian; Sen. McCaffrey, Rep. Kazarian to introduce legislation to streamline marriage solemnizations, remove legislature from process
01/12/2021Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Senate President Ruggerio bill would place moratorium on for-profit hospitals
01/12/2021Rep. Charlene Lima; Deputy Speaker Lima to introduce legislation requiring a special election for the Lieutenant Governor’s office
01/12/2021Rep. Patricia Serpa; Rep. Serpa alarmed over $760,000 contract to fix financial woes at Rhode Island College
01/12/2021Rep. William O'Brien; Rep. O’Brien calls $76,000-a-week payments to RIC consultants ‘disgraceful’
01/12/2021Rep. Katherine Kazarian; Rep. Kazarian elected House Majority Whip
01/12/2021Sen. Dawn Euer; Rep. Brandon C. Potter; Senate approves, House to consider resolution condemning Capitol violence, calling for Trump’s removal
01/12/2021Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; President Ruggerio makes leadership appointments, names committee chairs
01/12/2021Sen. John P. Burke; Sen. Burke receives committee assignments
01/12/2021Sen. Cynthia M. Mendes; Sen. Mendes receives committee assignments
01/12/2021Sen. Alana DiMario; Sen. DiMario receives committee assignments
01/12/2021Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski; Sen. Sosnowski appointed chairwoman of Senate Commerce Committee
01/12/2021Sen. Valarie J. Lawson; Sen. Lawson named Senate Deputy Majority Leader
01/12/2021Sen. Jonathon Acosta; Sen. Acosta receives committee assignments
01/12/2021Sen. Kendra Anderson; Sen. Anderson receives committee assignments
01/12/2021Sen. Tiara T. Mack; Sen. Mack receives committee assignments
01/12/2021Sen. Sandra Cano; Sen. Cano appointed chairperson of Senate Education Committee
01/12/2021Sen. Louis DiPalma; Sen. DiPalma appointed as Rules, Government Ethics and Oversight Committee chairman