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1/30/2015 Rep. Lancia introduces cure for state fiscal ailments
STATE HOUSE – With uncanny timing, Representative Robert B. Lancia (R- District 16 Cranston) submitted legislation intended to help Rhode Island tackle fiscal problems hours before the House Finance Committee heard testimony of an impending $166.6 million deficit.  
Zero based budgeting is an administrative process where a government or agency budget begins at ‘zero’ in the coming year and is negotiated upward as priority programs are added.
“Zero based budgeting is not new.  It has been around for decades.  What has changed is the technology available.  Years ago, this process consumed large amounts of time and paper.  Computers have decreased these costs considerably,” explained Lancia.  
“As it stands now, agencies begin each fiscal year at last year’s funded level.  There may be minor changes from year to year, but the trend is generally upward.  ZBB will ensure that departments eliminate unnecessary expenses, reduce inefficiencies, and prioritize spending. ”
“The state spends over thirteen percent of all general revenues, money collected from every hard-working Rhode Islander, on government functions.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent.  It is time to make sure this money is spent wisely.  ZBB is the first step towards that goal.” said Lancia.

For more information, contact:
Lisa Blais, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2259