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9/14/2015 Representative Lancia intends to pre-file resolution to amend House Rules
STATE HOUSE – “The ‘Rules of the House of Representatives’ may not be well known among Rhode Islanders but these rules are of great importance because they determine how the General Assembly conducts the people’s business,” said Representative Robert Lancia (R-District 16, Cranston).

“I believe it is critical that folks understand that a set of rules exist and that they impact the scope and authority of each of the standing committees in the House of Representatives. In order to appreciate why this matters we must consider that legislators who are members of various committees hear testimony on issues of statewide interest – issues that impact the people of Rhode Island from tax and spending, infrastructure, economic development programs and education.”

Representative Lancia continued, “By amending the ‘Rules of the House of Representatives’ we will improve upon our governing framework. Therefore, I will be submitting a resolution to amend the House Rules to provide House committees with subpoena power. Each committee will determine whether to exercise this authority at any given time by motion and vote of each of the committee members.”

“This change will create a process that allows all of our constituents’ voices to be equally represented when matters of great import would be better served through exercise of subpoena power.”

For more information, contact:
Lisa Blais, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2259