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3/8/2016 Representative Lancia Reacts to WJAR-TV Story on 911 Fees
STATE HOUSE  --  Representative Bob Lancia (R-District 16 Cranston) who recently introduced a bill on the State House floor, to prevent fees collected from E-911 calls, from going into the state’s general fund, is garnering support across the state of Rhode Island.
Representative Lancia said, “Local communities should keep the money collected from E-911 fees on phone bills to make their communities safer, and be able to use the money to upgrade aging dispatch systems, not be diverted for other use.  For example, West Warwick’s dispatch center is using equipment which dates back to 1984.  I commend WJAR-TV for its I-Team report, which highlights several communities asking that the 911 money be used to help them update their equipment, so they can communicate with the central 911 office.”
Last year, Rhode Island took in more than $17 million in 911 fees from cellphones and landline phone bills, with $5 million of that money going to the E-911 call center in Scituate, and the remaining $12 million going to the state’s general fund, to be spent elsewhere.
“Statewide, there are so many cities and towns, which need to bring its technology into the twenty-first century, and I’d like to make sure that happens, to keep all Rhode Islanders safe,” said Lancia.

For more information, contact:
Raina C. Smith, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2259