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6/22/2017 House Republican Caucus Submits Amendments to State Budget
STATE HOUSE  --  House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan and members of the House Republican caucus have submitted nine amendments to the state budget for FY 2018. 
“Over the years, our state budget has grown by $300 million, which proves that our current state leaders are spending taxpayer dollars at an uncontrollable pace.  The time to reign in state spending is now, and with this budget,” said House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan.  “That’s why our caucus has submitted several budget amendments to bring state government spending more into alignment with what’s responsible to our citizens.” 
She went on to say, “The budget presented to members of the General Assembly this year, is not balanced.  It includes over $30 million in ‘scoops’ which is a bait and switch tactic used to switch revenue from unrelated public agencies, which is deceptive and unethical.”
“It also contains a new, large, broad-based tax, the remote sellers tax collection ‘the Amazon tax’, which would take $30 million from consumers.  Our caucus feels this money could better be used, reducing the overall sales tax for everyone.”
“Our caucus does support the current proposal to eliminate the onerous car tax.  However, without fundamental reform to state laws, that affect the governing decisions of municipalities, we fear the state will not be able to prevent its return,” she added.
“It is our hope that this budget can act as a blueprint for a more financially responsible future, not just pay our bills from year to year.  Economic analysts project a dismal economic future for Rhode Island, that’s why we are proposing amendments.  Rhode Islanders deserve better than they are getting.”
House Republican Caucus Amendments include (among others):
  1. Eliminating the tangible personal property tax to spur small business job growth
  1. Extending the elimination of state income tax to IRAs. 
  1. Providing and exemption to the prevailing wage, so we can get schools repaired more efficiently and at a cost-savings.
  1. Reigning in the growth of state government, by eliminating any FTSs which haven’t been filled for a period of one year.
  1. Creating the office of Inspector General 

For more information, contact:
Raina C. Smith, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2259