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8/17/2017 State Traffic Commission Asks for Input on Truck Toll Implementation Proposal Morgan Encourages Public to Urge Rejection of Proposal to Harass Trucks
STATE HOUSE  --  Today the Rhode Island Department of Transportation unveiled a plan to restrict tractor trailer trucks from 14 highways in our state in order to herd them through toll gantries. Minority Leader Patricia Morgan is urging all Rhode Islanders to call the State Traffic Commission and ask them to reject this harmful proposal.
"RIDOT came to the State Traffic Commission with a nicely worded rationale for this foolish proposal, but it was not backed up with data or with the agreement of the local municipalities whose small businesses would be impacted,” said Representative Morgan.
"It is mind-boggling that the Governor's staff has such tunnel-vision when it comes to collecting tolls, that they are willing to jeopardize the efficient delivery of consumer goods throughout our state. Ninety percent of our goods are carried by the kind of trucks they wish to harass.  This intended action by RIDOT is a signal to every trucker that Rhode Island is a hostile environment – not just for trucks but also for business. Based on the inconvenience and delays, those who do come will undoubtedly want a premium for their services. This will translate into higher prices for consumers. Our cost of living is already high enough!”
She added, "Additionally, the RIDOT wants our municipal police departments to spend their time ticketing truckers instead of keeping our communities safe. Certainly, their desire for additional revenue is not a good justification for diverting local police from their important duties.”
"The RI Truck Association is also signaling that restricting commerce in this manner is likely unconstitutional and will lead to expensive litigation.”
"I make no excuses: I am opposed to tolls. I believe they will harm our state's economy, our small businesses, and mostly importantly the hard-working Rhode Islanders who are already struggling with our absurdly high cost of living.”
"This proposal is another injury to all of us.  It is a consequence of the toll law that was passed without real need or justification. Ideally, we can stop its implementation. But in the meantime, this proposal to restrict the efficient movement of trucks as they deliver and ship goods to and from Rhode Island must be rejected.”
“The State Traffic Commission has asked for additional input from cities and towns. I urge every Rhode Islander to supply their opinion as well.  The phone number to the State Traffic Commission is 401-222-2450.”

For more information, contact:
Raina C. Smith, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2259