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2/26/2018 MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Judiciary Committee to meet on Tuesday and Thursday to hear a variety of legislation
STATE HOUSE – The Senate Committee on Judiciary will be meeting on Tuesday and Thursday this week to hear testimony on a variety of bills.

On Tuesday, February 27 at the RISE of the Senate (approximately 4:45 p.m.) in Room 313 of the State House, the committee will hear and/or consider the following bills:
  • 2018-S 2303, sponsored by Sen. Donna M. Nesselbush (D-Dist. 15, Pawtucket, North Providence), enacts Uniform Parentage Act dealing with parent-child relationship, genetic testing, assisted reproduction, surrogacy agreements, adjudication proceedings/registry of paternity.
  • 2018-S 2429, sponsored by Sen. Ana B. Quezada (D-Dist. 2, Providence), expands jurisdiction of the Family Court in regard to certain immigrant children.
  • 2018-S 2430, sponsored by Sen. William J. Conley, Jr. (D-Dist. 18, East Providence, Pawtucket), prohibits any questioning of a juvenile who is suspected of delinquent or criminal behavior, unless the parent of guardian of the juvenile is present, or unless an attorney is present or the juvenile and their parents have waived their presence.
  • 2018-S 2459, sponsored by Sen. Frank S. Lombardi (D-Dist. 26, Cranston), permits the Family Court to award custody of household pets to the plaintiff in a domestic abuse complaint.
On Thursday, March 1 at the RISE of the Senate (approximately 4:45 p.m.) in Room 313 of the State House, the committee will hear and/or consider the following bills:
  • 2018-S 2091, sponsored by Sen. Stephen R. Archambault (D-Dist. 22, Smithfield, Johnston, North Providence), expedites the foreclosure procedure on vacant property.
  • 2018-S 2290, sponsored by Sen. Harold M. Metts (D-Dist. 6, Providence), prohibits a landlord from asking about the immigration status of a tenant, prospective tenant, occupant, or prospective occupant of residential rental property.
  • 2018-S 2301, sponsored by Senator Metts, prohibits discrimination in housing against those persons who have a lawful source of income.
  • 2018-S 2442, sponsored by Sen. Cynthia A. Coyne (D-Dist. 32, Barrington, Bristol, East Providence), requires that any use of a premises for marijuana cultivation be disclosed in any real estate transaction.
  • 2018-S 2444, sponsored by Sen. Hanna M. Gallo (D-Dist. 27, Cranston, West Warwick), exempts residential property from the definition of vacant property provided the owner of the property is in the process of renovation and/or rehabilitation.

For more information, contact:
Andrew Caruolo, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903