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3/2/2018 Representative Anthony Giarrusso Gives State House Tour to James H. Eldredge Elementary School Students
STATE HOUSE -- Today, Senior Deputy Minority Leader Anthony Giarrusso (R District 30 – East Greenwich, West Greenwich) welcomed 4th-grade students from James H. Eldredge Elementary School to the Rhode Island State House for a tour and mock session.

During the introducing to the season which was held in the House chamber, Rep. Giarrusso explained “each session starts with the pledge of allegiance” and the students then went on to add the Eldredge Elementary School Pledge. 

After opening pledges Rep. Giarrusso welcomed the class, stating “I always enjoy sharing the immense history of the Rhode Island State House, especially with the students in my district.” He then went on to explain, “that every State law starts in this very room.”

Some of the mock laws the students debated included getting rid of February and April vacations in return getting out of school a week earlier in June. To close the mock season students debated and passed a bill about adding an extra hour of school and ending homework. Rep. Giarrusso stated after its passage “this was the first mock season that I was involved with that students went on to pass the measure” and congratulated the class.

“Seating students in the House chamber today, gave them a hands-on experience with creating and voting upon laws, and I was proud to see how involved all the students were. I truly hope that this experience inspired students to become future lawmakers,” Rep. Giarrusso concluded.    

For more information, contact:
Joseph Golomboski, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903