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3/6/2018 Sen. Ciccone introduces bill to allow blocking pornography and offensive material from web
STATE HOUSE – Sen. Frank A. Ciccone (D-Dist. 7, Providence, North Providence) has introduced legislation (2018-S 2584) would require internet service providers to provide the capability, if the consumer requests, to block sexual content and patently offensive material on the internet.  If the consumer wishes to unblock the content after requesting the block, a fee of $20 would be applied, of which the money would be used to fund the Council on Human Trafficking.

“Everyone knows the internet can be a harmful and dangerous environment for our children.  Our kids now have easy access to materials that no child should be viewing, such as pornography and other highly offensive or disturbing material.  The purpose of this legislation is to first and foremost protect our children from viewing websites that could have possible detrimental effects to their psyches and developmental process.  And I want to be clear, the intent of this bill is to require that digital blocks on this kind of material be available to parents if they so choose to use it,” said Senator Ciccone.

Senator Ciccone notes that the bill is a work-in-progress and that several changes may be made to the legislation to address questions about the intent of the legislation and the technical capabilities needed to institute the law if passed by the General Assembly.

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