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6/12/2020 Senator Raptakis against dismantling police departments
STATE HOUSE – State Senator Leonidas P. Raptakis (D-Dist 33, Coventry, East Greenwich, West Greenwich) has expressed support for the police departments in Coventry, East Greenwich and West Greenwich today, highlighting the vital work they do to serve and protect their communities.

“As someone who owned a small business in Coventry for decades, I know how important it is to have a reliable and responsive police department to keep us safe and respond in time of crisis,” said Raptakis. “I’ve always had a good relationship with these departments and I am grateful to the leadership and individual officers who help make our communities special.”

Senator Raptakis made his comments amid a growing national debate about “defunding police.” Raptakis said he is against simply stripping local police departments of funding, but understands the need to enact fundamental changes in the way troubled police departments consider such issues as hiring and training their officers and whether officers are held accountable for mistreating citizens or improperly using force.

“We have seen police departments like the one in Minneapolis, where inappropriate and dangerous behavior by officers is ignored, until it leads to death and community outrage,” he said. “We need to take a much more proactive approach to implementing community-based policing standards such as the ‘8 Can’t Wait’ standards that were developed after the Ferguson riots responding to the shooting of Michael Brown,” concluded Senator Raptakis.

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