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Representative Robert E. Craven Sr.

Chairman, House Committee on Judiciary

Robert E. Craven (D) has served the residents of North Kingstown in District 32 since first being elected in November 2012. He is the chairman of the House Committee on Judiciary.

Representative Craven sponsored several pieces of legislation that became law during the 2018 legislative session. His bill that criminalizes revenge porn and sextortion was signed into law, as well as a bill he sponsored that bans the sale and possession of bump stocks, a device that transforms a semi-automatic firearm into a fully-automatic weapon. Representative Craven also sponsored successful legislation that amended the state’s law on speed cameras in school zones by providing proper notice and fairer violation fines for motorists.

During the 2017 session, Representative Craven sponsored three of the bills in the Justice Reinvestment legislative package that relieves pressures from the correctional system while increasing public safety and saving taxpayer money. He served as a member of the commission which made the recommendations that led to the enactment of six criminal reform bills.

He also sponsored successful legislation in 2017 that prohibits employers from making deductions from an employee’s wages without written authorization. Representative Craven successfully added the definition of “sexual exploitation” to the domestic abuse prevention law to include acts by any person who willfully encourages, aids or coerces any child under the age of 18 to engage in commercial sex acts.

In recent years, Representative Craven’s legislation has been adopted in the state budget that now exempts Social Security benefits from taxation for many retirees and exempt the first $15,000 of all public and private pensions from the state’s income tax. His initiative was also adopted in the budget to raise the estate tax threshold from $921,000 to $1.5 million and eliminated the cliff which previously required heirs to pay tax on the entire estate if its value was greater than the threshold.

“The Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Act,” which Representative Craven authored, became law in 2016. Now any person who administers a drug to prevent an overdose will be exempt from liability and immune from probation and/or parole violations.

Born on November 19, 1955, Chairman Craven is a graduate of La Salle Academy in Providence in 1974 and the University of Rhode Island in 1978. He earned his law degree from the New England School of Law in Boston in 1983.

In addition to his duties as a legislator, Chairman Craven is an attorney at Robert E. Craven & Associates in North Kingstown. He is an assistant solicitor and probate judge in Charlestown and an assistant solicitor in East Providence.

His past public service includes his time as solicitor for the town of Foster, 1998 to 2004; legal counsel to the Rhode Island Board of Elections, 1995 to 2001; and as an assistant attorney general, 1983 to 1992, which included serving as chief of the Rhode Island Public Corruption Unit.

He also served as an adjunct professor at the Community College of Rhode Island from 1983 to 2002.

Chairman Craven resides in Saunderstown with his wife, Susan, and they are the parents of two sons, Robert and Joseph.

25 Highland Road
Saunderstown, RI 02874
(401) 294-2222