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Press Releases

 Press Releases

9/25/2018Group of House Republicans Condemn Attorney General’s Lack of Transparency 
5/29/2018Rep. Giarrusso Offers Innovative Way to Protect Schools and Retirees 
5/3/2018Speaker introduces bill to update state explosives laws to include IEDs 
5/2/2018Rep. Giarrusso Calls for Stricter Bomb Laws 
4/2/2018Rep. Giarrusso to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee on Traffic Camera Bill 
4/2/2018Rep. Giarrusso Named to Special Legislative Commission on Workplace Sexual Harassment 
3/9/2018Representative Anthony Giarrusso Gives State House Tour to George Hanaford Elementary School Students  
3/5/2018Rep. Giarrusso Calls for an End to Traffic Cameras 
3/2/2018Representative Anthony Giarrusso Gives State House Tour to James H. Eldredge Elementary School Students  
6/21/2017Representative Anthony Giarrusso Gives State House Tour To George Hanaford Elementary School Students  
5/16/2017Representative Anthony Giarrusso To Testify Before House Finance Committee On Legislation To Rein in Spending by the RI Commerce Corporation 
2/16/2017Sr. Deputy Minority Leader Anthony Giarrusso Submits Legislation Recognizing Historic Cemeteries 
12/20/2016Representative Patricia Morgan Wants Teachers to Have Freedom to Say Merry Christmas in Rhode Island Classrooms 
10/13/2016RI House GOP Members Rank Highest For Supporting RI Small Business Community  
6/29/2016Rep. Giarrusso Announces Open Forums For People With Disabilities 
5/2/2016Representative Anthony Giarrusso Fighting to Nix Double-Tax on Refund Checks 
10/7/2015No Tolls for the Republican Policy Group Bridge Repair Plan Using Existing Funds: Less than 1% of State Budget 
6/15/2015Safety and Fiscal Responsibility: Republican Alternative to Bridge Tolling  
1/16/2015Rep. Giarrusso named to House Finance, reappointed to House Labor 
1/8/2015Rep. Giarrusso responds to State Planning Council's approval of RhodeMap RI 
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