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Representative Raymond A. Hull

Member, House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

 Raymond A. Hull (D) represents District 6 in Providence and North Providence. He was first elected in November 2010. He is the chairman of the Martin Luther King Jr. State Holiday Commission and a member of the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

During the 2019 legislative session, Representative Hull sponsored legislation that increases the number of members of the transit authority from eight to nine and makes the mayor of Providence or designee an ex officio member with voting privileges.
Representative Hull sponsored several consumer protection bills in 2018. He introduced a bill that would prohibit double taxing on leased motor vehicles; another piece of legislation that would allow consumers to purchase cable boxes from cable companies, and a bill that would require utility companies to have actual brick and mortar customer service facilities.
During the 2017 legislative session, Representative Hull sponsored a bill that became law that makes assault and battery upon delivery persons a felony and would mandate a maximum sentence of imprisonment of three years or a $3,000 fine. The bill also mandates a sentence of five to 20 years if the assault involves a dangerous weapon. Another bill he introduced that became law allows developmental disability agencies, such as the Fogarty Center, to self-insure health care costs for employees, retirees, and other beneficiaries.
Representative Hull graduated from La Salle Academy in 1981. He attended the University of Rhode Island and Roger Williams University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 1992. He received his Master’s degree in the Administration of Justice from Anna Maria College in 1999.
Representative Hull is currently the commanding officer of the Housing Unit in the Providence Police Department, where he has served for 28 years. He previously held the rank of Sergeant. Born September 18, 1963, he is the father of Andres and Karina, and resides in Providence.

616 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 272-4026