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Press Releases

 Press Releases

2/22/2018Leader Morgan Receives Friend of Government Accountability Award 
2/2/2018Morgan Submits Two Bills to Help Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect 
1/24/2018Morgan Questions Governor’s Hiring Spree 
1/16/2018Media Advisory: Republican State of the State Address 
1/11/2018House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Questions Effectiveness of RIDOT Spending Ten Years and Millions in Contract Extensions for Providence Viaduct Bridge  
9/13/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan to Present Ocean State Job Lot with Citation for Annual ‘Three Square Meals’ Event 
8/17/2017State Traffic Commission Asks for Input on Truck Toll Implementation Proposal Morgan Encourages Public to Urge Rejection of Proposal to Harass Trucks 
8/15/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Joins the National Foundation for Women Legislators to Give Free Backpacks to Students 
7/17/2017Taxpayers Shut Out of Information Regarding State Spending on Media Company 
6/22/2017House Republican Caucus Submit Amendments to State Budget 
6/13/2017House Republican Caucus to Hold Press Conference to Announce Its Position on the FY 2018 Budget 
6/7/2017Republican Caucus Renews Call to Repeal Tolls DOT has Misled the Public About Full Costs of Toll Program  
5/23/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan holds press conference to discuss repeal of truck toll law 
5/22/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Submits APRA Request to Governor’s Office Requesting Details of All Employment Hires 
5/19/2017Media Advisory: House Republican Caucus schedules news conference on truck tolls 
5/8/2017Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Pushes for Statewide Computer Assisted Dispatch System to Save Municipalities Millions 
5/3/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Pens Letter to Governor Asking Her to Address Gypsy Moth Crisis 
5/2/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Vehemently Against Plans for Regional Water Board That Rewards First Southwest and Former Deloitte Employees 
4/12/2017House Republican Caucus schedules press conference today on legislation affecting potential stadium negotiations 
4/11/2017House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan to Submit Legislation to Repeal Truck Tolls in Rhode Island 
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