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Press Releases

 Press Releases

3/9/2018Rep. Brian Newberry and Fellow Northern Rhode Island Legislators Demand Action Call on RIDOT to Make Route 146 a Priority 
4/6/2017Leaders Against Litter Coming to Rhode Island State House To Celebrate Earth Day  
3/2/2017Rep. Brian C. Newberry submits legislation requiring civic literacy in local schools 
8/10/2016House Minority Caucus Calls Upon House Committee on Oversight to Reconvene Following 38 Studios Investigation 
6/30/2016Newberry asks DOT to conduct traffic study to address speeding and safety issues on Main Street  
12/2/2015Newberry Questions Transparency, Purpose of Funding Formula Group; Calls Governor’s Actions “Bizarre” 
6/15/2015Safety and Fiscal Responsibility: Republican Alternative to Bridge Tolling  
1/16/2015DOT delivers on Minority Leader Newberry's request to improve traffic flow at North Smithfield intersection 
1/8/2015House Minority Caucus addresses controversial RhodeMap RI 
5/5/2014Newberry announces Deerfield Commons area traffic study results 
1/22/2014Newberry to file legislation expanding requirement for fiscal notes 
1/9/2014House Republicans unveil foundation of 2014 legislative program 
4/25/2013Newberry 'amazed but not surprised' by Twin River refusal to testify before House Finance 
4/8/2013Legislators invite firearms manufacturers to Ocean State 
3/14/2013Newberry asks for smart management of services for developmentally disabled 
3/13/2013Statement by House Minority Leader Newberry on release of Block report 
3/6/2013House Minority Leader looks for enhanced oversight on large EDC balances 
1/30/2013Newberry bill would require all legislators to pay a co-share for health insurance 
1/23/2013Newberry calls for higher percentage of casino revenue 
1/15/2013Marcello, Newberry call for elimination of “master lever” 
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