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Press Releases

 Press Releases

6/15/2017Rep. O’Brien bill that requires drug abuse and suicide prevention in health education curriculum passes House 
6/12/2017Rep. O’Brien continues his crusade against animal cruelty by introducing bill to speed up animal adoptions 
6/7/2017Rep. O’Brien notes continued success of his dual education program at North Providence High School 
6/5/2017Rep. O’Brien introduces bill to exempt wild life protection non-profit from taxation 
5/2/2017Rep. O’Brien questions Governor Raimondo’s decision to not fund free bus passes for elderly and disabled in proposed budget 
4/26/2017Rep. O’Brien introduces Healthy Workplace Act of 2017 to combat workplace bullying 
3/20/2017Rep. O’Brien points to recent animal cruelty charge in North Providence that animal protection laws are working 
3/1/2017Rep. O’Brien introduces bill to require all new school buses equipped with seat belts 
1/31/2017Rep. O’Brien introduces bill to preserve free RIPTA rides for elderly and disabled 
1/26/2017Rep. O’Brien reintroduces bill that terminates parental rights of rapists 
1/23/2017Rep. O’Brien introduces car tax relief bill 
1/8/2017Rep. O’Brien thanks Governor Raimondo for mentioning success of his dual education program in State of the State Address 
12/9/2016Rep. O’Brien to introduce bill calling for death penalty in first responder targeting and assassinations 
10/21/2016Rep. O’Brien horrified at UHIP debacle, applauds Oversight and Finance Committees 
10/13/2016Rep. O’Brien will introduce bill to eliminate state income tax on pensions 
10/11/2016Rep. O’Brien to reintroduce car tax relief bill next session 
9/23/2016Rep. O’Brien applauds success of his dual education program 
8/11/2016Rep. O’Brien calls for total public disclosure on 38 Studios evidence 
8/3/2016O’Brien and Ruggerio bill that increases animal abuse penalties signed into law 
7/20/2016Rep. O’Brien and Sen. Lombardi’s dyslexia screening legislation signed into law  
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