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Press Releases

 Press Releases

11/9/2018Democratic Caucus supports Speaker Mattiello, re-elects Majority Leader Shekarchi and team 
7/19/2018Women's health bills ceremonially signed into law 
7/6/2018Bill enacted to ban sale of unweaned puppies  
7/5/2018Governor signs bill to facilitate I-195 project 
7/3/2018Bill requiring insurers to cover mastectomies signed into law 
6/26/2018Bill to assist St. Joseph's Pension System members signed into law 
6/23/2018General Assembly OKs bill to facilitate I-195 project 
6/23/2018Assembly requires insurers to cover mastectomies  
6/21/2018Assembly OKs bill banning sale of unweaned puppies  
6/20/2018Assembly passes bill to help settle St. Joseph’s pension plan lawsuits 
6/19/2018House OKs Shekarchi bill requiring insurers to cover mastectomies 
5/31/2018House OKs bill banning sale of unweaned puppies  
5/7/2018Shekarchi bill would help St. Joseph’s pension plan members  
4/10/2018Shekarchi encourages high school students to apply for PrepareRI internship 
4/9/2018Animal Rescue Rhode Island honors Representatives Shekarchi, Serpa with Golden Paw awards 
2/14/2018RIAC seeks legislation to rename T.F. Green Airport 
2/6/2018Shekarchi bill would increase Board of Elections transparency 
1/10/2018Shekarchi urges Warwick youth to apply for PPAC ARTS Scholarship 
1/9/2018Mattiello, Shekarchi to tour Davies tomorrow 
1/3/2018Shekarchi proposes closing loophole for mastectomy insurance coverage 
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