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Representative Evan P. Shanley

Representative Evan P. Shanley

Chair, House State Government and Elections Committee

Member, House Innovation, Internet and Technology Committee

Member, House Municipal Government and Housing Committee

Member, House Rules Committee

Evan Patrick Shanley (D) was first elected in November 2016 to the seat in House District 24, Warwick. He is the chairman of the House State Government and Elections Committee and is a member of the House Innovation, Internet and Technology Committee, the House Municipal Government and Housing Committee and the House Rules Committee.

During the 2020 session, Representative Shanley introduced a law that amends the state’s emergency mail ballot procedures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation adds an additional option for securing a mail ballot by permitting emergency mail ballot applications to be processed at local boards of canvassers in person on electronic poll pads, which allows voters to cast their ballot and place the ballot themselves into a state-approved voting machine at the local board of canvassers. Voters have up to 20 days before the election to vote in this manner.

During the 2019 session, Representative Shanley introduced a law that permits the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue a certificate of title to certain types of trailers, including a travel trailer, a fifth wheel trailer, and a park trailer. Prior to enactment of this law, trailer owners had difficulty securing financing, as all lending institutions required a title for the loan process.

He also introduced a resolution that created a special legislative commission to study privacy protection on the Internet. The 11-member Rhode Island Online Data Transparency and Privacy Protection Commission studied and made recommendations on legislation for protecting individuals from disclosures of information.

In 2017, he introduced a government transparency law that excludes weekends and state holidays from the calculation of the 48-hour public notice requirement, and requires all public bodies to keep minutes of open meetings and file their minutes with the secretary of state. He also successfully introduced legislation that requires licensing agencies to conduct unannounced on-site inspections of all licensed assisted living residences, on a biennial basis.

He graduated from Toll Gate High School in 2005 and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Providence College in 2009. He earned his juris doctor from Catholic University in 2012. He practices law with the firm Gursky/Wiens.

Born Oct. 17, 1986, he and his wife, Meredith (Garrity), reside in Warwick with their son, Maxwell and daughter, Lucille.

190 Viceroy Road
Warwick, RI 02886