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6/19/2017HHS slates hearings on health insurance commissioner, bills concerning the deaf, chiropractic coverage  
6/14/2017Senate passes bill enacting ACA provisions at state level 
6/12/2017Media Advisory: Hospital Conversion Act, DHS director before committee 
6/5/2017Media Advisory: Affordable Care Act bill faces committee vote 
5/26/2017Whitehouse to brief Senate Democrats on ACA repeal 
5/22/2017Media Advisory: Opioid warning bill up for committee vote 
5/16/2017Legislators read to youngsters in early learning programs 
5/8/2017Media Advisory: Health care bills to be heard 
5/2/2017Senate passes Miller bill for pilot program tapping Medicaid to house homeless 
5/1/2017Senate Policy Caucus bill will enact ACA at state level 
5/1/2017Media Advisory: Health care overhaul bills to be heard 
4/27/2017Senate approves mental health measures as Mental Health Month kicks off 
4/26/2017Media Advisory: As Mental Health Month kicks off, Senate to vote on mental health bills  
4/24/2017MEDIA ADVISORY: Medical marijuana oversight committee to meet Tuesday 
4/24/2017MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Health and Human Services Committee to hear testimony on bill using Medicaid funds for homeless 
4/13/2017Miller bill would use Medicaid funds for housing as a means to improve health 
4/6/2017Senate HHS, Finance leaders seek swift response, action from DCYF on child fatalities report 
3/30/2017Miller named Senate Democratic Policy Caucus Chairman 
3/27/2017MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Finance and Senate Health and Human Services Committees to hold joint meeting on Tuesday 
3/27/2017MEDIA ADVISORY: Legislative Oversight Committee on state’s medical marijuana program to meet on Tuesday 
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