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5/27/2016Senate OKs Picard bill to allow schools to let students make up lost school days through at-home learning  
5/19/2016Senate approves bills aimed at opioid crisis 
5/9/2016Senate committee to be briefed on business development incentive programs 
5/4/2016Senate passes bill including enrolled kindergartners in compulsory attendance law 
8/12/2015Governor signs legislation encouraging schools to offer performing arts programs 
5/18/2015Media Advisory: Commerce Corporation appointments to be heard 
5/12/2015Senate OKs GREET program seeking executive volunteers to improve state government 
5/4/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Committee on Commerce to vote on regulatory reform bills 
4/27/2015HEARING NOTICE: Senate Oversight, Commerce to get update on e-permitting 
3/20/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Commerce Committee to hear bills addressing the cost of electricity 
3/17/2015MEDIA ADVISORY: Regulatory reform tops Commerce Committee agenda 
3/10/2015HEARING NOTICE: Senate Government Oversight, Commerce to get update on e-permitting 
2/6/2015Picard introduces bill to encourage ‘competency-based learning’ approach  
2/3/2015Media Advisory: Senate to hold hearings on Raimondo’s nominees 
1/26/2015Picard introduces income tax exemption for young, seniors 
12/12/2014Media Advisory: Joint meeting scheduled on rising electric rates 
10/21/2014Stadium Theatre to potentially benefit from tax credit expansion, ballot question  
8/21/2014Legislators honor Cumberland teen who launched successful effort to ratify 17th Amendment 
7/3/2014New law will protect life insurance beneficiaries 
6/26/2014Bills passed to protect life insurance beneficiaries 
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