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Sen. Sheehan announces DEM grant for Gilbert Stuart green space in North Kingstown
Sheehan appointed to commission to study line item veto, gubernatorial runoff elections
Senate resolution congratulates Paul Tetreault for receiving 2017 Hometown Hero Award
Sen. Sheehan says risks should be mitigated or state should walk away from PawSox deal
General Assembly passes Sheehan, Ajello bill that would establish a post-election audit program
Senate passes Sheehan legislation that would require a Citizens’ Budget Report for the general public
Sen. Sheehan introduces constitutional amendment calling for a line item veto
Rep. Casimiro and Sen. Sheehan introduce ‘Honor and Remember Flag’ legislation
Senator Sheehan welcomes cut in beach fees, anticipates greater revenue received by beach communities
Sen. Sheehan gratified to see GE jobs as fruits of Qualified Jobs Incentive Act
General Assembly passes legislation paving the way for a homestead tax exemption in Narragansett
Sen. Sheehan applauds governor, speaker’s support for cutting minimum corporate tax
Sheehan introduces ‘common ground’ constitutional amendment to restore ethics oversight of state legislature
Senator Sheehan secures legislative grant for Davisville Library, N.K. Food Pantry
Senator Sheehan secures legislative grant for Mettatuxet Improvement association
Chairman Sheehan highlights Commerce Corporation overhaul at Oversight meeting
Senator Sheehan secures legislative grant for North Kingstown Senior Center
Sheehan, Craven call for Rhode Island Airport Corporation to delay eviction of Quonset Air Museum
Sen. Sheehan calls for end to First Southwest contract
Senator Sheehan announces National Grid will reimburse customers taxed accidentally
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